Amtgard Spring Muster

Amtgard-wide Recruiting Competition

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Amtgard Spring Muster

The annual Amtgard Spring Muster is a new Amtgard-wide recruiting drive that will increase game-wide recruiting efforts in the early spring. By coordinating efforts across all Amtgard kingdoms during our peak season, all groups will benefit from the increased exposure.

Coordinate Recruiting

Kingdom Representatives work with the Spring Muster Committee to formulate and implement recruitment tools.

Grow Your Park

See direct growth from your kingdom's recruitment efforts, as well as exposure from the efforts of others.

Become the Winning Kingdom

Kingdoms are scored on their ability to gain exposure, recruiting new members, and raising attendance.

Competition Details

Kingdoms will be scored based off of their ability to gain exposure, to recruit new members, and for overall success in raising their weekly attendance. The winning Kingdom will be recognized at the Gathering of the Clans that summer with their names on a trophy. Additional Prizes will be added as sponsors sign-up.

  • Exposure - The Kingdom Advocates will be given links and other tools that can be used to direct traffic to their kingdom-specific link on the website (for instance, which can contain links to all the Dragonspine resources and groups). Each time that Kingdom's link is used to access by a new IP address, that Kingdom will get 1 point.
  • New Members - The first time that a new player shows up and attends Amtgard, that Kingdom will get 15 points. If they come back a second time, they get 25 more points. (That’s right, if new members attend twice, the Kingdom earns 40pts)
  • Growth - Growth is determined by taking the Kingdom's attendance for the months of Jan and Feb and averaging it. Events and such will be removed from consideration. This will be the baseline used for scoring growth. Each week that the Kingdom's average attendance goes above their baseline, the Kingdom will receive 5 points per person. Advocate Bonus: Kingdom Advocates (Reps) can also earn an additional 10% or 50 points towards their Kingdom's total by providing a thorough report on their recruiting efforts, their success, their failures and copies of products used (flyers, etc.)
  • Scoring - The ORK will be the only data used for compiling membership and growth. It is vital that Prime Ministers and Advocates work together to ensure accurate accounting.

Kingdom Representatives


Jeff Kyser / Klause the Combustible

Burning Lands

Zureal / Jared Dauderman

Celestial Kingdom

Krix Mercades

Crystal Groves

Josh Georges / Rellik

Desert Winds

Cody Walton


Lady Mara Night / Chanel Sowell

Emerald Hills

Elder Vermillion

Golden Plains

Eleno Sanchez / Snow Windwatcher


Caitlin Jane Scholze

Iron Mountains

Eronim Faitzhand / ‎Charles Weston Fitzgerald‎


Amy Boazman-Steele / Katnip Raven Rusalka Tree

Northern Lights

Ryan Graves

Rising Winds

Adam Rohr


Gina Teppossette Harvey


Azus / David Zucker


Julian Cearley / Juju Hex Mojo